Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Last Day of 2010

Cori & I got together for lunch. Then afterwards we drove around town reminising. It was such a sweet time & just reminded me even more of how much I miss her.

 Then D made our New Years Eve pasta salad. And when we make it, we make a boat load! But we eat it endlessly for days.
 I got the kids a Christmas stocking full of toys for $2 at Walmart & Rocco claimed this one.

 Razzy was growling at me.
Molly hated it.

 We have had the sparklers for awhile. So we took them out on the back porch & lit them. It was raining, so the covered porch came in handy.

I think we have begun a new tradition. As we hold the sparklers we say our wishes/hopes for the new year. Then pray over the year ahead.  I liked that. Plus if you haven't guessed yet, I am all about traditions.


  1. I just got caught up on all your doings over the holidays! Been thinking about you a lot today and praying for open doors and closed doors in all the right places!

  2. Love the sparklers picture of you... :-) Fun.

  3. Crystal I know the move from "home" is difficult. Shortly after Michael and I had Niki (now 15). He lost his job and we had to find a new one. The one he found moved him on my 21st Birthday to another state for training. Niki and I followed 15 days later, they decided they wanted to keep him there. I left momma and daddy a lot younger in my marriage then you and D are. BUT, phone lines travel both ways and so does the road. We took lots of 4 hour drives at 2 am on Sunday morning to be home by 7 am and sleep 3 hours to spend a day and a half with family then turn around and drive 4 hours to Hattiesburg, MS for his shift on Tuesday at noon..... It was the lonliest but best time of our marriage. We learned to live together..... but I was lonely. You have Facebook and Memphis is a little closer than 4 hours right? And I know you have Jesus which I had forgotten to take him with me so to speak....Much Love and Greatness!


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