Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A House?

Trying to find a house in our price range & in a safe area has been challenging.
We didn't have a long list of musts when looking, just these things.

  • Single Family Home. No apartment, townhouse or duplex (which seem to be common in Memphis) I have a great fear of fire & have major anxiety sharing walls with strangers.
  • Close as possible to D's work. With having 1 car, this will make it easier for me to take him to work, so I can have the car. Also he could come home for lunch.
  • A fenced in back yard for 'the kids'
  • Safe area
Not too many musts, I don't think. I don't care about granite counter-tops or a master bedroom suite. I'm just not that kind of person.  I live in reality. And my reality does not consist of those things. Haha!

We found one that we really liked. D was working on seeing it before Christmas & didn't hear from the people again. We thought maybe it was just the holidays that was slowing things down. But knew if we didn't hear anything soon, we needed to move on to something else. I have spent countless hours searching the internet & sending D the listings when I found something. I found 2 more homes this week. One was really close to D's work & on the cheaper side. It was a cute little yellow house. The second one was $25 more than the first house we liked, but it had a garage & was newer. D talked to some people at work & they said the cute yellow house was in a bad area & to stay away from it. It's crazy how close a "bad" area is to a "good" area.  So we nixed that yellow house. And D set up a time to go see the house with the garage.

D went to see the house tonight & loved the place. It's a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath cottage/garden home with a 2 car garage. It has a fenced in back yard with privacy fence & backs up the the woods. It's 6 miles from D's work. And is in a really safe area/neighborhood. He said he could see us living there & felt comfortable with it (things I have been praying for when he went to see the place). He asked if they could come down on the price any & the man said he has already cut the rent by $50 (which we did not know). So, in reality we are getting a much better house than we could afford. And our car insurance is going to be cheaper there & that will make up the difference. To me just more obvious ways the Lord's hand is in all of this.

We will know something by the end of the week! Pray! Pray! Pray!


  1. It sounds like the perfect house for you and the family. I have been praying and will continue to pray.


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