Saturday, January 01, 2011


I am always looking at digital cameras. I wish I could a new one. Mine is  a few years old & even though it still takes great photos, I am ready for an upgrade. If my wish could come true I would love to own a super duper professional camera to use for whatever & then a small one to fit into my purse that I would always have handy. I have been trying to save my money for a new one, but every time I seem to get some set aside, we end up needing it for something. So...Maybe one day I will get that camera of my dreams.

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  1. I have three cameras and I want another one! LOL. I have a waterproof one, my Kodak like your camera and then my Canon. I saved my paypal money up for a year, and added birthday money to get my dream camera. Now that I'm learning to use it, I'm so excited about the new pictures that will come from it! Now I want to take a photoshop class to learn to edit my photos!!!


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