Thursday, December 23, 2010

Scenes From Christmas In The Barn

Seems like we were all just discussing at Thanksgiving what we would be doing for our family Christmas get together....And now it's over. I tried not to let it, but it made me sad as we were leaving, because it may be the last time I see everyone before we make the big move. 
Gosh, life is changing way too much & too quickly for my liking.
It was another night of some sweet memory making, even though a few were missing from festivities.

Thank you Lord for my family. 

 Paw & his sidekick Annie

 If Mason were a girl. ;)

This year we did $10 gift cards for Dirty Santa. These are the ones we got. I say "we" because I played for D also. But I loved doing the gift cards & I think we should do that again next year!

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  1. This was beautiful! Oh Crystal, I have mixed emotions right now. My heart broke for you, but then again I'm excited for you! Please listen to me - I think that you are going to get to Memphis and you are going to love it! Will you miss your parents, Paw, and the aunts, cousins, etc? Of course, but I think much adventure lies ahead, discoveries and hidden exploits waiting to be released! I can't wait to read about it on Pink Lucy....
    Please let me know when you get settled in so I can 'introduce' you to my friend Cindy. You will love her and her family.


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