Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Packing Progress

Week 3 of commuting & I did not cry when he left this time! Making progress on that front also I suppose.

Monday it took me 12 hours to get the Christmas trees & decor down & packed properly for moving. I should have listened to myself in November when I put the trees up & only put up the Pink Lucy tree. But I had a few new ornaments for the traditional tree & 1 new one for the Superman tree. I'm a Christmas nutcase & put trees up just so I could display a new ornament! Heaven help me. It made me a little sad when it was all packed away. It was just too early to put Christmas away for the year. Before New Years is just unheard of!

Tuesday I got busy on other packing. My goal was to get all decor/pictures/chotchkies type stuff packed up. If you have ever seen the inside of my house, you know I like knick knacky stuff. The house with nothing hanging on the walls is just odd. But once I packed up all of my magnets & turned to see the bare refrigerator, I had to hold back the tears. And believe it or not I did actually hold them back.

One good thing about packing is I am getting to watch DVD's & DVR'd movies/shows.
I've got to see...
1940's House
1900 House (Both I borrowed from Leland)
The Best Years of Our Lives
Splendor in the Grass
The Quiet Man
Wind At My Back

Tomorrow I am going to tackle the kitchen cabinets & pantry.

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