Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

 Razzy was waiting on Dad to"Hurry Up!" so we can open presents.

 An Auburn Superman shirt.
 Doesn't D wrap presents so pretty! One thing I loved was he had all of my gifts wrapped in this box. I wrap things the same way. He does pay attention. :)

 Razzy helped unwrap every single present. He was very excited this year.
 See Molly? She was not liking the flash of the camera. Right after this, she wedged herself behind me.

 Oh boy! Our favorite!!!
 It has become a tradition to take an "after the gifts" photo. I wasn't going to bother Molly with it, but just as the flash went off she came & sat down.
 Then she hid under the tree. This photo breaks my heart.
 Gimme my treats!

After we finished with our Christmas morning routine, we headed over to Mom & Danny's. We always open our gifts with them & then we eat a big breakfast. Love that. I am not a breakfast person, but I always eat Christmas breakfast.
 Danny with his "Diet mints."
 D looks scared. Haha!
 ♥ my new wallet!
 Mom with her sexy boots.

 Mom bought her & I polka dot mugs a while back. She got the red, I got the black. I found her the teapot to match!
 D & his super-dee-duper Superman Snuggie!

 Mom got me the pitcher to match my mug!
 The best HOPE I ever had.
 Us in our Christmas Day PJ's. We don't get new PJ's for Christmas Eve night. We get new ones for Christmas day since we stay in them all day! 
 I need a Lucy Snuggie, that is her body in the polka dot dress.
 I have been wanting this Auburn hat, I know for well over a year. I finally rewarded myself with it! Besides I needed it to show off my colors in Memphis.

And in case you didn't know...IT SNOWED IN ALABAMA ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!

 Every Christmas we get a new game....This is the one we got this year. OH! MY! Is all I gotta say.
 Mom explaining "Dirty Minds" to Danny. Which after this, he refused to play. Haha!
What is D thinking? Hhhhhhmmmmmm......

We watched TV & played on the laptops & then watched some of The Lucy Show, all while we laid around in our comfy PJ's, eating too much! A perfect day to me. I didn't want it to end. The day went by way entirely too fast.

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  1. Merry Christmas to all and a Blessed New Year too....everyone sure got nice pressies ya :D


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