Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Birthday Of Surprises

*Warning! Super Long post!*

Rocco helping me pack Dad's suitcase.

My 34th birthday will for sure go down in the history book of my life! It began of course at midnight with packing up D for his trip to Memphis. I decided to not go to bed, but wait until he left at 4am. I'm usually still awake at that time anyway...The night owl that I am. When it came time for him to leave, I cried...What else is new at this point? Haha! We have not been apart very much in our 12 yrs together (Oh my goodness! I just realized we missed our "first meeting" anniversary on December 5th). The last time D went away was to do some work in New Orleans after Katrina. I didn't cry & to be honest didn't really miss him. He was gone for a week & I knew he would return home. This is all different since he is now living in Memphis, just waiting on my official move there. Such a life changing event.
Once D was on the road, I knew I would not sleep until he was safely there, so I stayed up till 9am.
I slept till almost 1pm & since it was uber cold, the kids & I didn't complain one bit about being snug in our beds.

Rocco is enjoying Dad's side of the bed.

The rest of the day I stayed in my pj's, watched TV & facebooked. Which is sooooo fun when you have a birthday on facebook! You get more "Happy Birthdays" than you can imagine! Love. It.
Mom was taking me out to eat, so I took my time getting ready. I was in a bit of a melancholy mood. With all that is going on, it was my first day in a long time that I didn't have to paint & most importantly D was not here for my birthday. I don't care how old you get or how strong you want to appear, when your birthday gets here & nothing special is happening....It's sad. So I was looking forward to getting out of the house. Just before we left Mom called & said, "Be sure you have your camera tonight!" I asked her why she would say that, when I ALWAYS have my camera with me. Duh! Haha! I knew then that something was up. Let me explain something here, Mom has a "sing-songy" way of saying things when she is trying to hide something or is lying. Haha! So, not much gets past me. As we were pulling up to the restaurant she says, "Wow! This place is busy tonight!" I told her I know she had planned something & did she have me a party. And in her "sing-songy" way she asks, "Why would you think that?" I wish I could take it back & keep my thoughts to myself, but I have a problem in that area. ;) So, when I walked in I wasn't completely surprised....But I WAS surprised at who was there & everything else that took place though! Here are the pics of my absolutely fantabulous night!

This is how Mom wrapped my present. I have never since I think my 5th birthday actually unwrapped a birthday present from Mom.

You have no idea what wonders this party did for my soul. I needed it more than you can imagine! So I can never tell Mom thank you enough for planning it. For Anita & Leland making my 2 cakes!!!!! For each amazing person (Anita, Mia, Glenda, Beth, Diane, Jamie, Amber, Chris, Dana, Stacey, Janet, Laurel, Michael, Laurie, Mom & Lindy) who were there. For those who wanted to be there. For my very thoughtful gifts. And for the most special part of all...The laughter & love. This is one birthday I will never ever forget!


  1. I would think this was a "mission accomplished" night. To let you show you how much you are loved! Beth

  2. I am so late but after browsing through all the photos it was as if I was there too.

    Happy Belated Birthday to you Crystal :D Big HUGS!!


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