Sunday, October 03, 2010

Time With The Hubs

D got hired for the part time job (YAY!) & with that I know we will not be seeing much of each other, so I pretty much demanded a "date night" this weekend. There is no telling when we will get another one. We have one of those big coupon books, that we are calling our "date book" & we have to go somewhere to eat with a coupon from that book. I think it's gonna be fun to try new places. But this time we chose IHop. One reason was because of my tummy, I've still been having issues with not being able to eat much (that's a good thing in my opinion). And pancakes & grits just sounded way too yummy to pass up. After we finished our supper, we went to the Mall. I had coupons for free Bath & Body Works lotion. We went to the Calendar store & spent some time with our friends who are the owners. Of course I was directed to the "Lucy" section & told D I wanted it all for Christmas! Haha! After leaving the mall we went to Barnes & Noble, so I could look at some books. This is not D's favorite thing to do, but he knows how much I enjoy it, so he usually suggests it. Ain't he sweet? One the way home we stopped by Sno-Biz & came home so D could see the rest of the Bama/Florida game. It was a perfect time together. :)

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