Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Facebook Status Round Up

is at the new Kohl's.

I *WILL* have a hot pink car someday & she will wear CarLashes ! I am claiming this right now in the Name of Jesus!

 I had two dreams last night. 1) Our mountain was on fire. And we were out fighting it with hose pipes. 2) D joined the military. I rebuke them both! (Not that there is anything wrong with the military, I just could not be a military wife. Big props to all that are.)

just went to check on Mom's birdies & found that Sweetpea had passed away. :(

Me being sleepy before midnight is not normal.

if The Situation was an ounce as sexy as Maks, he may be cute. He needs to go asap.

Tonight is Housewives of Atlanta....You gonna be there boo?

The chill in the air makes me overwhelmingly giddy! So did just putting on my flannel pj's!

 I think the Hummers have left for the season. :(

A typical perfect weather day at the Conner abode....Me outside with Razzy & Rocco, D in the house watching TV with Molly. That California boy does not know how to enjoy a good porch.

got my free bottle (Well, bottles since D got one too) of "Secret Wonderland" lotion from Bath & Body Works....It smells divine!

I despise that commercial with the little gold fish flopping around.

Can't wait for date night with the hubs! Boy, do we need it!

 Have you ever sent a text & then put the phone up to your ear waiting on a response? I do that all the time.

I would so love to do the "design your own textile" challenge on Project Runway.

Thank You, Thank You Jesus....You're so good to us! Thank you for D getting hired for the part time job!

A simple pleasure in life....Driving at night with the windows down in this perfect weather.

One thing I despise about this time of year....All the scary movie previews.

It's one thing to hoard stuff, but to live in utter filth, animal waste & dead cats....That is a whole other level.

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