Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Big TV Interview

I was sooooo nervous about the idea of being on TV, but even more nervous with it being live. 
The night before I had everything all packed up & ready to go. And was actually in bed by midnight, that in itself is a miracle! I even slept throughout the night....Another shocker. But I'll tell ya, I know it was all because of the tons of prayers being prayed over me. There was a peace that surrounded me. When I got up early that morning, I nervous, but there was a true sense of calm.

D had taken the day off work & we left extra early to get there. And surprisingly the traffic wasn't bad like we had expected. We got to the news station a bit early, but went on inside. It's always better to be early, than late. We signed in & sat in the lobby with other people who were scheduled to be on the show. I got to see an old friend who is one of the reporters, seeing him & his advice helped ease my nerves even more. The producer showed us to the set, where we had only a few minutes to set everything up, before the show went live. Once everything was where I wanted it, we went back to the lobby & waited. I ran to make sure my make-up was perfect & it wasn't long before I was ushered back unto the set & miked up. Nicole, one of the hosts walked out, introduced herself, asked me my name, name of my business & order deadline date. Then we went live! I had no clue what she would ask me, there was no prep for that. Once we went live & I saw myself in the monitor I thought "Oh Crap!"

It was a blur & I didn't really remember what I was asked or what I said, until I got home & watched it. 

Once the interview was over, we got to stand on the set & watch a few other interviews, then had a few minutes to break everything down & get off the set.

We stayed & chatted with another one of my friends who works at the station (and who asked me to be on the show) & she introduced us to a few people. One of the Talk of Alabama segments was about grilling out. So ,we got to go taste some of the food. Of course this made D's day!

I'm glad I did it. If nothing else it was a unique experience. Delightfully Fancy has gotten over 300 new hits & I have received some e-mails from people who are interested in ordering, as well as some orders! It has all been good & I am blessed.

The set before the interview.

Nicole Allshouse with me after the show.

The red velvet whoopie pie I took with me.


  1. Yo Crystal, you are FAMOUS!!!! :) I am so happy for you.

    I tried to watch the video but nothing came up so I'll try again tomorrow.

    You did well and I'm glad that the talkshow would boost your sale & ratings. Well done!!

    By the way, what is a whoopi pie?

  2. You were absolutely awesome on tv!! I showed my friend when she came over last night too :) Your ornaments are just beautiful!!

  3. Yay!! I finally saw it. Great job!!!


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