Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wrinkled Skin

I live in a culture of the tan, but thankfully I am not a sun worshiper. Sure the idea of having some golden skin is appealing, but the reality of wrinkles, not so much. I will take my pale skin any day of the week. I was behind a lady in line at the store the other day. She has long blonde hair, super cute figure & was dressed really trendy. I was thinking she was someone in their 20's, that is until she turned around! I could not believe her face! She not only had forehead wrinkles, but her entire face was withered & just gross. It totally didn't match the rest of her. It was odd. I know if she had looked at me when she turned around she would have seen how stunned I was. Yep, give me pasty skin....I'll take it.

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