Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mom's 59th Birthday Celebration

I fell in love with the author Francine Rivers, back in 2002 I believe it was. We were living in LA, I was lonely & in just a miserable frame of mine. I went to the Christian book to find a good book to possible escape into, when a lady recommended "Redeeming Love" to me. It was historical fiction which is basically all I read, so I knew I would enjoy it. I will never forget laying on the bed with the setting sun shining through the window as I read page after page. I don't think I had ever read a novel that had impacted me like this one. I immediately told my friend Staci, she had to get her hands on that book asap! 

When "Her Mother's Hope" came out I was overjoyed at the latest Francine Rivers book! And it did not disappoint in the least. It actually is right next to "Redeeming Love" on my favorites list. I have been looking forward to the sequel "Her Daughter's Dream" since before I finished HMH. And when I saw that Francine was coming here for a book signing I had to go meet this amazing woman!

Mom & Beth enjoy her books also, so we decided to make it part of Mom's birthday celebration.

After we went to the book signing we went to find a place for supper. Mom decided on Lloyd's. It's a place my family has been going to since before I was born. We didn't have the best experience & we were shocked at that. It's sad when a place that holds a special place in your ♥ disappoints ya. Other than that we had a great time! And nothing could completely spoil getting to meet Francine Rivers!

The "Auzzie" ornament I made for Mom.

Mom & I did some running around town on her actual birthday, then we picked up Mercy & went to the new Snobiz! Where Mercy recommended Tiger's Blood. :) It was tasty, but I had my old stand by Pink Lemonade.

Mom has never wanted a birthday cake....Ever. So, I was thrown for a loop late Thursday night when she posted on Facebook that she wanted hoping for one. I said that Mercy & I would make her cupcakes....That is not what she wanted. She had to have a real birthday cake...Ya know?...Store bought.

So here she is with the store bought cake Danny paid for, but she picked out. And she ended up eating only 1 bite!

This is when we were singing "Happy Birthday" & she was singing "To yoouuuuuuu..." Hahaha!


  1. That kind of scares me that she wanted a cake. You don't think she's 'leaving' us and hasn't broken the news yet, do you? If she starts giving you family heirlooms you need to worry.

    Well Francine's book signing obviously went better than mine this weekend. I see she has a line - mine was awful. Yuck. Ugly. Shudder....

    I'm glad you got to meet her. Nothing validates us authors more than knowing what we're doing isn't a waste of time...


  2. Thanks for stopping. What a treat to spend part of your mom's birthday meeting Francine and having your book signed.

    I really enjoyed reading her.

    Happy Birthday to your mom.


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