Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday Miss Molly Girl

Today Molly turns 14 & according to dog years she is about 84! Not many dogs can say they reach this milestone, but Molly has. I was thinking about all the changes that has taken place since Molly came into my life when she was 6 weeks old & I was 19. She has been there through many friendships & several boyfriends. I had to say goodbye to her when I moved to California. I know she missed me, as I did her, but she has always had a strong bond with my Mom (Nana). Aunt Stackie would take her "bye-bye" to McDonald's for french fries. I returned home married to D, 8 months later. I can remember Danny opening the door to let us in & instead of me hugging him, I ran passed him to Molly. She fell instantly in love D (her dad) & has not left his side since. Molly got to go on adventures. She road in her bed on top of a mound of stuff in the back seat of Bubbles (my old car), across the country back to LA. Taking her to the beach in Cali was a mess! She didn't like it & I didn't like the sand in her fur. What was I thinking? We moved 7 times in those first few years & finally settled back in Bama. She adapted to all of it with ease. Nana never thought that Molly would like a new fur-sibling, but instead she just went right along with the introduction of Razzy & a few months later Rocco. She may not always love them, but she tolerates them in her space.
This last year she has shown the most change. Mostly in her behavior. She doesn't obey like she used to, but that is because her hearing isn't as keen. She is terrified of any loud noise & flashing lights. She doesn't sit in her window guarding the mountain anymore, her sight isn't as sharp. And she is buck wild! She runs everywhere! Her age has not slowed her down in the least, it seems to have made her crazy. She's a wild old woman.

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Happy Birthday Sweet Girly!!!


  1. I forgot - Happy Birthday Molly!!!

  2. Awwhhh- I loved this post. Good times... Molly is something else.


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