Monday, September 13, 2010

Facebook Status Round Up


loves to cook eggs....Just hates eating them.


Happy Birthday to Danny...One of the swellest men I know! He is spending his bday over at my house fixing something that he put a nail in to fix it till he fixes it. He's having to fix it on his bday. :)


just because your camera captured a photo, doesn't mean it has to be posted on facebook. Just sayin'.

Why must all of the political ads in Bama, have someone shooting a gun & wearing camo? Seriously! Not every voter in this state is a hunter. And it sure doesn't make me want to give you my vote.


is gonna drink some lemon juice.


just dropped a jar of minced garlic on my kitchen floor, which then bounced into my living room & covered my carpet & walls. Nice. My house is garlicky fresh.

the smell of stuffed peppers cooking is masking the overwhelming garlicky smell at the moment.

D was gonna watch the Bama game (because he is secretly a Bama fan) & ESPN just went out on Charter. I bet there are some ticked off fans at this point.


If you are my friend, then be a fan of Delightfully Fancy. Once DF gets to 200 fan, I will be doing a raffle for a free ornament!

Cher looks fab! I ♥ her.


Last night I had a dream that D cleaned the kitchen (because it was disaster) & when I woke up the kitchen was spic & span along with the floors swept & trash taken out. My heart went pitter-patter & what a way to start a Monday off! Thank you my Honey D.

is watching "The 19th Wife" on Lifetime....I wish I had read the book first.

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