Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Chainsaw Jesus

Back when I was in Master Commission ('95-'96) Human Videos were the new, latest & greatest tool for ministering the gospel. Or as some liked to refer to them as "cutting edge." This one was a huge flop. We preformed it only once & you will be able to see why. I present to you "Chainsaw Jesus" preformed as the half time show at a football game.


  1. oh, but that was the most memorable one!!!!!

  2. ??? I can't believe it was a high school football game. Do they even allow you to pray before a game anymore?

  3. Kathie....It was for the Christian school that was at our church. We did do a few half time events at public schools, but this was 15 yrs ago in the Bible belt. Times & definitely changed.


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