Saturday, August 21, 2010


Take a 14 minutes of your time & watch this video.

I know that I am going to get some flack for this one. And I am not judging anyone.....I am not about to try to be anyone's Holy Spirit. He does a far better job. You need to let Him guide you. But this video sums up my views on the whole Twilight phenomenon. A few months ago I was in the library & stopped in front of the Young Adult section & my soul grieved at the number of books that were displayed as "must reads." If they were not about some kind of werewolf or vampire, there were "sweet" stories about witches or the occult. I honestly do not understand peoples (Christians) lack of caution when it comes to this kind of stuff. I chuckle in my head a bit when people I know say, "It's just a love story." Sorry, that is not the kinda love story I want to read or watch...Thank you very much. Do I think there is a demon around every corner? No. But they are very, very real & are the best at deception. I have seen them with my owns eyes. They are at work everywhere. They want you to fall in love with how cute Edward & Jacob are. And romanticize the love affair with Bella. Before Twilight made them so commercial, weren't they something most normal people avoided? It's not romantic, it's unnatural. There was a story on the news awhile back, about how this whole fascination with vampires has caused preteens/teens to expirement in actually biting each other, until they drew blood & that symbolized their love & bond for one another. It was even written into the story line on Private Practice. I hope people open their eyes. It is OK not following the crowd. And some movies, music, books are not always a must see, hear or read. I will end this with saying again....I am not judging anyone for the choices they make. If you want to be a Twi-hard...Go right ahead. It is just not for me. Nor am I placing myself on a pedistal since I have chosen not to follow the Twilight Phenom. Goodness knows, I like things others may have issues with. Just giving my own opinion. It is my blog after all. :)


  1. I didn't watch the video but I'm sure we'd probably agree... I hate twilight and refuse to "try it" b/c its not a love story I want to promote in my house. Not only are christians going to see this but not too long ago I saw a fellow believe taking their YOUNG daughter (under the age of 13) and I gasped. if you think those movies don't have an affect on young adults think again!

  2. I not only think there IS a demon around every corner......I also believe that if we could see into the spirit world with our physical eyes....I believe there are dozens of demons around every corner just waiting fro us to open a door for them to enter. Just being a Christian doesn't keep us safe from the is us taking our faith serious and being careful about everything we watch, hear, say and do.
    Twilight is evil as well as Harry Potter.


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