Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swimming Stuff

A few weeks ago I was on a bit of a organizing spree. They don't happen often, so I have to take advantage while I'm in the mood. One of the areas that has been on my list is the shelves above the washer & dryer. D put up a bunch of shelves when I was really stock piling stuff. Most of my stock pile is gone & the shelves have now become a catch all. On the top shelf I found all kinds of goodies, including the swimming pool supplies for the pool we didn't put up this year. It sorta made me sad when I found them, because I was looking forward to enjoying our blue pool this season. I didn't even swim once this Summer & now Fall is moving in.

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  1. I hope to get a pool like the one you had for next year! I know we will use it! Chloe can touch now on her tip toes, so by next year she will be able to really PLAY in it.


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