Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Happy 78th Birthday Granny!!!

I wonder what she would be like today if she were still alive. 
When she passed away at the age of 59 she was a spit-fire, bull-headed, go-getting Granny. 
And in my mind, that is exactly how she would still be. 
She may have had to pack up her bowling ball, but she would have just gotten her a Wii. 
She would still be chatting on the phone with her friends, telling her "stories" over & over. 
I could still see her baking up a storm at Christmas with tins full of fudge, divinity & a carrot cake. 
I know things would have slowed down greatly for her, 
except for her mouth which never knew how to stop. :)
I miss her. 


  1. And she DEFINITELY would have had the latest cellphone/i-phone and would be texting up a storm!!! Go Granny go!!!

  2. Renee....She absolutely would have! Paw & I talked about that one day. She would have her a laptop & be a total "gamer." She would have more friends than any of us on Facebook. :)

  3. Great post Crystal....THANKS!!!

  4. 70's is still pretty young in this day and age. I am sorry that her life was cut much too short.

  5. oh, how I miss Granny! Happy Birthday Granny.


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