Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boring Big Brother

If you have read my blog very long you know I have a love of reality TV...Well....TV in general, but especially reality TV. :) One show that I am a bit addicted to is Big Brother. It's just not Summer to me until BB begins. For the last 4-5 seasons I have even subscribed to the live feed. Which is 24hr access to watch these people just live in the house. Usually along with them just living & doing daily tasks you get to see/hear game talk & there is tons of drama being played out. This season I didn't get the live feed at the beginning of the season & I felt so lost in the game. So, I ended up just getting BB After Dark on Showtime. And it airs from 11pm-2am nightly. It's been OK. I do like live feed tons better. But let me just say this.....Big Brother 12 has been the most boring season ever!!!! And it annoys me. I don't know how much longer I will keep BB After Dark. It's a big waste of money this season. This is the worst cast ever. Boo to the BB producers for choosing this group of losers.



  2. I know! I think b/c the drama level has been lower than in previous years (they don't seem to have many actual crazy people)...

    Plus, I cannot believe that NO ONE suspects the brigade is working together! How come NONE Of them ever come up in discussions? They're strong players (supposedly)...and yet no one is going after them?


    I like Ragan and Enzo.

    Enzo "meow meow" cracks me up!

  3. Jordan & Jeff will were only there for the veto comp. They are not moving in. I wish they were though!

    Rachel is drama, but she is the only one. Looks like she will be going home this week, so the only drama maker will be leaving. I don't like her, but I like drama.

    I agree...This house is stupid. How do they not have a clue the guys are aligned? Kristen told them something was going on & no one believed her.

    Enzo is funny, but puts a capital "S" in stupid. He thinks once he leaves the house he is gonna be a mega star & go on a comedy tour.

    I like Ragan & Brittany. They are so mean together. :)


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