Saturday, July 24, 2010

Green Shopping

Green used to just a a color, now it's a complete way of life....Including green shopping. I have tons of those green shopping bags. I am a bit obsessed with them. If I see a new cute one I have to buy it. But the sad thing is I forget to bring them shopping with me half the time. I keep some in the car, but I don't always have the car. I end up doing alot of shopping with Mom. I guess I should keep some in her car. :)


  1. Crystal, that is SO much like me! I use those bags for so many things, and then often forget to take them with me to the store! Publix had some new new, cute ones the last time I went. They had different fruits on them, and were a little sturdier. Naturally, I HAD to buy one! (ok, truth is...I had to buy TWO!)

  2. I bought a ton of those bags too...and have NEVER brought them with me. They get lots of use with other things, though (:


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