Monday, July 26, 2010

Facebook Status Round Up


I hate hiccups.

dust is evil & I do not see the need for it.


 for the chick who was known for dying her hair, it's been 4 yrs! I think it may be time to dye it again. Now...What color???

Luzianne (sweet) green tea....I heart you.


Mom said she sure wouldn't want to be a tire in this heat.

Today my fortune cookie said***You have a flair for adding a fanciful dimension to any story.*** I think this is my most favorite fortune ever! I need to paint this on something.


Today I have "Ruby Fusion" hair. Will use the elliptical. Now I wait on the Charter guy, after my hubs chewed them out.

we officially have digital cable & a DVR. Moving up in the world, I'll say! But now, how will I ever sleep again with all these choices???

D is bringing home Publix chicken fingers...Gosh, we are addicted to those yummy things.

my wealth of useless celebrity info, isn't so uselss after all. It just won me tickets to see "Salt" tonight. :)

just ate @ Moe's now waiting for "Salt" to begin. :)

 I thoroughly enjoyed "Salt." If you are an action/thriller movie fan, it's a must see! This is coming from a historical/period piece drama fan.


just whipped up some homemade corn salsa & a Bridezilla marathon...Me likey. :)

thank You Lord, for this fabulous & much needed rain, but would You mind calming Molly down? She is freaking out.

 thinks my hubs is the most forgetful person I know.


Right this moment I want to go on a great adventure.

Can't wait to watch Mad Men! I DVR'd it. (That's the first time I have ever used that phrase.)


is nervous......

is so over this day....

Ouch! That hurt something fierce!

I wish I were one of those people that lost their appetite & worked-out on emotional days. Instead I bake a cake & drink Coca~Cola.

 New favorite shows Rizzoli&IslesMemphis Beat & Covert Affairs. Do you like these or any new ones?

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