Monday, July 19, 2010

Facebook Status Round Up


 is getting things organized...Gonna start painting ornaments in August! Where in the heck did this year go?

is cleaning out my closet & purging somethin' fierce at the moment.

three huge garbage bags later, my closet is now in order & one more thing marked off my list. Now I'm waiting on D to bring home some chicken fingers for supper. After all that hard work I'm not hungry, I'm hongry!


taking suggestions on what to cook for supper.....

Am I the only one who has a hubs that puts yard work off all day, so he can then use the excuse it's "dark outside", so he doesn't have to do it? Haha! I know this game buddy. I got your number.


 I have not stayed up till 4:30am in a long time & I am so not ready for bed yet.

it's getting dark outside...Hopefully some nice soaking rain will fall soon.

sometimes it really stinks being such an emotional person.

Note to self: Blackberry does not change channels on TV.


big girls do not need to wear skinny jeans...just sayin' (take the advice from this big girl).

had a dream last night that Paula Deen opened a restaurant near my house & we became BFF's.


had plans to go walking, but my head is hurting (feeling a migraine coming on) & I think my head will explode in this heat.

just saw the preview for Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta....*Big Smile*

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