Monday, July 12, 2010

Facebook Status Round Up


Here's a Daniel~ism for ya, "eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches makes me want to eat!" Well, alrighty then.....

This was said "after" eating 2 sandwiches & a bag of cheese curls!

couldn't let a hot oven go to waste, so white chocolate macadamia nut cookies just *had* to go in there.


Today is WORLD KISS DAY so go find someone & give them a big ole kiss! Who will you kiss? :)


is tired of getting "wrong #" phone calls & then having to argue with the person who refuses to believe they called the wrong # for the 6th time today!


 must be in a SoCal mood today...Just realized I have on a shirt that says Los Angeles & pants with Hermosa Beach. I wouldn't mind that SoCal weather about now.

Pet Peeve #...Well, I lost count. When my husband starts watching a movie when there are only 5 minutes left.


Just watched Avatar. Not my typical kinda movie, but I really enjoyed it. I will for sure see the sequel. :)

This week I have drank 4 Coca~Colas & right now I want another one.

I wish you could 'like' pages on fb without everyone knowing you 'like' them. It's cramping my style.

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