Sunday, July 04, 2010

Facebook Status Round Up


Doesn't get it! I stopped drinking soda of any kind 8-9 weeks ago & gained weight! What the flip?

 Is trying out Chrome instead of Firefox & I like it!


so there is this person I live with & I love beyond measure, but can drive me bonkers. ;)

Oh my gravy! I think I have a crush on Chrome! Where have I been? Firefox is crap compared to this magicaland.


When I walk into the thick of trouble, keep me alive in the angry turmoil. With one hand strike my foes, With your other hand save me. Finish what you started in me, God. Your love is eternal—don't quit on me now. ~Psalm 138:8 (The Message)

 is home from the adventure with Mom's toe (see photos). Now back out to Publix for something for supper.

guess what I am NOT doing? Not falling for the hype of a certain movie.


my sleepin' time didn't last long enough.

2 of my furbabies have been deprived of attention today. I have squeaky toys being nudged at me in all directions.

 has thought today is Thursday since I woke up this morning.


 How did July get here so quick?

This time of year puts me in a bad mood...Why? 1) the heat. 2) frizzy hair 3) hearing about everyone's vacations, since I am apparently not going on one. Just call me Grumpy.

One week until Big Brother 12!!! Time to order my live feed!

Antiques Roadshow...Yes!


 is looking forward to date night with the hubs...We are going to Sephora! D is thrilled. Well, we are going out to eat too!

 I ordered some food at the drive-thru, as we pulled around to the window this is the convo...D~You sure are sweet! Me~That's my "sweet voice", I don't use it that often. D~Yeah, I know.


needs chocolate.

time for the fireworks!!!

 I am caving...Lord help first Coca~Cola in 9 weeks...I hang my head in shame at the taste of it's deliousness.

Sunday (July 4th)....

Happy Birthday America! Land that I love! Thinking about ALL that was given to live in the freedom that is so easily taken for granted. Thank You Lord, for having me born in the USA!

fantastic patriotic church service! I cried...a lot... when we honored all of those in service. Freedom is never free.

was watching "America Story of Us" on History & thought I needed to ask my Granny about something that happen in 1940's. Amazes me that after her being gone for over 18 yrs, I still think of things I need to ask her.

when I tell Rocco to "Be sweet" he growls. He takes after his mama.

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