Sunday, July 18, 2010

Donna's Baby Shower...Literally

Saturday was Donna's baby shower. Here are the pics from the event.

This wasn't even all the gifts....They just kept coming.

It's not a party unless there is a picture of Mom doing something goofy with food.

The pretty Mommy with some of the yummy grub!

These cakes were soooo good! 3 different flavors. I think the lemon was my favorite.

Amber & Auntie D.



Alyssa, Blakely & Ashtyn

Renee with her baby who is having a baby.

Mom taking a "dip" in the pool.

Jamie got the honor of having to write down all the gifts. :) And here's Donna opening Laurie's gift, complete with some little cowboy boots!

Opening Mom's gift.

Family & friends

I'm betting Baby Mason is gonna be......

One of Auntie D's gifts.

And then the rains came & we went inside....Renee said, "Thank you Lord for thunder." Hahahaha! I second that! It was hecka hot out there. 

Mason's bedding.

My present. She cried. :)

After 2 hrs of opening presents...Here they are...Well, some of them...

I like how Donna's graduation picture is in the background. :)


  1. Yay!!! You got some really good pics!!! :)

  2. And I got carpal tunnel from writing for 2 hours!

  3. Question...Is Blakely hiding in the pic of the diaper cake? I see what I think is the tip of her pink bow!

  4. I don't think anyone was sitting at the table when I took that pic. The girls were over with Donna opening presents. But it sure does look like it!

  5. That is cool about her graduation pic being in the background of your pic! I like it....a lot!!


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