Saturday, July 24, 2010

Digital Cable & A Movie

Yesterday I won tickets to the movie Salt. The movie theater will have trivia & whoever answers it correctly wins.

This was the question....
Before Brad Pitt came in the picture, she was married to Jonny Lee Miller. She did something out of the ordinary when they were married. What was it?

The answer is...
She wore leather pants with a white t-shirt. On the back of the t-shirt she had Johnny's name written in her own blood.

D said, I am the only person who would know that! So my encyclopedia of celeb info does come in handy from time to time. Haha!

I won the tickets after 5 & the showing was for 6:55. I was not ready, since I had an adventure with the cable company all day. So I rushed around & got ready real fast. We went to Moe's for supper. I have only been there a few times & was not impressed. And especially not impressed with the price! We could have eaten ate Habaneros for way cheaper. I hate when I eat somewhere & realize I could have had better for cheaper. Anyway, they do have an amazing corn salsa that I came home recreated. :)

Salt was such a good movie. I don't normally do action/thriller type films. I leave those for D. But Wow! It had twists & turns. Very exciting film. So we ended up have an impromptu date night!

On to the cable company story....We have had basic cable since we have lived here. Recently they started taking away some of our channels. It wouldn't have been so bad, if it weren't some of my most favorite ones! Hallmark has "I Love Lucy" marathons all the time & I was missing them...Not a happy camper about that. So we looked into several other options. Going the dish route wasn't going to work, because of where we live the trees are too tall & block the satellite. That was disappointing since it wasn't going to cost as much. So we stuck with the cable company & went digital. It will be a plus in the long run, since we will not lose the signal in storms.

I was very excited about the getting back the channels I have lost, plus some news one...And....DVR! I have never used a DVR!

The cable company can just be plain stupid. Any time we have needed them to come out here there has been issues with the scheduled time or they can't find us...Yada yada yada....
Our time was set for Friday from 1-3. D called me to wake me up on Friday & said for me to get up that cable was coming early. He had called just to make sure they were coming & they had it set for the wrong day. D said he chewed them out. (That is just funny to say, since D doesn't chew anyone out. But he has been rather feisty the last few days. Not sure what is up with him.) They were coming now between 11-1. I got the house ready & 'the kids' moved to Mom's & then the waiting game began. I hate waiting....On anything or anyone. But since I knew they have a hard time finding us, I needed to stay near the window just in case I needed to run out & wave them down.  I got called at 1 saying they were a my house & I wasn't answering the door. They weren't at my house. So, I had to go down the mountain & stand in the circle to wait for the cable guy. He went the wrong direction! I just kept standing down there melting. He finally saw me after I danced a jig & waved him down. He was here for over an hour. But now we have digital cable & a DVR. I have watched shows on demand & got to see one of my favorite shows Bridezilla's. I am happy.


  1. We recently just got DVR and we LOVE it! It really comes in handy on Big Brother nights because we are at church Sunday and Wednesday nights!

  2. Was that your first time to go to Moe's? and you didn't like it? oh thats sad - I love moes!

    when we lived there they sent a guy out to hook up our cable and he was creepy! it was just me & jessica home and it took him forever then when he finally got everything on he was testing the channels and stopped something that was not very approciate for my 5 year old daughter - I reported him!


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