Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cleaning Out The Closet

My "to do" list has been getting smaller this week & that feels good. I tackled my closet & it was a bigger challenge than I expected. But after debating with myself over things, I filled 3 large garbage bags. 2 for donation, 1 was garbage. Now it's all organized & I love going in there & seeing my handy work.

As for that cabinet, it looks like I am not going to paint it myself. I was talking to my friend about what paints to use & he said he would paint it for me! He has a paint sprayer & does amazing work! I'm so excited about it.

It seems like this week is going by quickly & in the midst of marking things off my list, I have been very contemplative & evaluating my inventory. It's time to let go of some other junk. This stuff just doesn't fit into a large garbage bag.

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  1. At least you're not "coming out of the closet" :)...I am sure your husband would have many questions.


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