Monday, July 05, 2010

Celebrate America

Our church along with our city through a huge city-wide July 4th celebration. They were expecting about 3,000....According to the police we had 8,000+!!! It was so awesome! D had to be there super early to get the sounds stuff set up. Danny was on parking duty. Mom & I went to people watch! She & I got there early & got good spots under the shade trees, behind the food vendors & near the potties! What more could you ask for?

I like this pic of Mom & her flippity do hair-do' just makes it perfect.

My very tired & sunburned Honey D.

Our church calls days like this "Servolution." That is what the blue shirts says on the front & the back has 'Serve Team." Mom said she was not going to serve, but to be served. Pastor Sims is washing her feet! Hahahaha! (joking of course)

These were the crowds before they were crowds! Seriously there was no grass left to spare. And traffic was backed up miles to get in.

It's Eric! He's such a mess! We realized just about the time for the fireworks that this is the second time we all have spent the 4th together. We did so a few years ago! I guess we may have just began a new tradition.

This was the screen for the "Movie in the park."
The only fireworks photo I got on my camera. I took several on Lil' Lu.

After such a successful night we sat in traffic for a very long time. But we didn't mind. We decided to grab some food on the way home since the food vendors were running out of food at the event & I would have rather people who came just for the event to eat. We went to the drive-thru at Whataburger. It took a while for them to take our order. Then we sat in line with 2 cars in front of us for 40 minutes!!! Other cars came to the speaker & were honking to get their attention. Some would drive off after awhile. We finally left also. I hate doing that, but it was almost midnight & D was exhausted & starving. We went to McDonald's & got our food in a jiffy.

The celebration at church yesterday was so powerful! I began crying during worship, then they did several specials including this song....

Oh man! I had to pull out my kleenex! Then every flag from the different branches of the military was brought out & anyone who has served or is serving came down & stood with their flag. Oh my! I lost it! It was incredible.

After church, we went with Mom & Danny to Jim n' Nick's! They all got BBQ, I got catfish! Fried catfish, fries & slaw is my most favorite meal ever.

Then rest of the day was just some major chilling out. We have been soooo busy lately, it felt good to do nothing.


  1. Happy 4th of July everyone and what a great party there :D

  2. It was fun! I've got some pics I need to upload to post. Loved the song from Rascal Flats that you posted. I think I am going to post it to FB. :)


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