Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Photos From Memorial Day Weekend

Jayson & Cori at the BMMC Alumni Luncheon
Cori & I
Sunday was a very full day. Took D to church early, then back home to get ready. Church, Alumni Luncheon, I left D at church, since he had to be there for practice, I came home, took a small nap. Then back to church, for I think the longest but enjoyable BMMC graduation. Cori & Jayson were honored with the "Legacy Award" & I cried. Once we finally left the church D had been there for 12 hours! Yowza!!!

Memorial day we went over to Beth & Stan's, which is always a good time.
Tex was trying his hardest to get a hamburger patty.

It's Chica! Cori & Jayson's chihuahua. 
I want her to come live with me. But Rocco would not like that one bit!

I didn't take many pictures, since I wasn't feeling so well....More on that later.

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