Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Mysterious Bug Bite

 (this photo was taken about 6 hrs after shot, so it was already clearing up)

Over a week ago I had a bug bite or something on the back of my head. And boy did it itch super bad! It wouldn't go away & the more I scratched the worse it got. A rash formed & it began to spread down the back of my neck. I started putting Benadryl creme on it & eventually starting taking some Benadryl also. But it wouldn't go away. It was crazy itchy. By Sunday the rash was completely around my neck. Late Sunday night I had 2 knots behind my ear, a knot in my neck & the muscles in my neck were terribly tender. I thought it could possibly be poison ivy, since I had weed-eated a large area of it at Mom's house. But that was a week prior to the initial itching. So things were just not adding up. Plus I have never had poison ivy. But I thought I would try some Calamine lotion. Huge mistake. It inflamed it, made it itch worse (which I didn't think was possible) & it was burning, plus it had made it's way down my chest.  So Tuesday I was miserable.  By the time D got home, my Dr's office was closed, so we went to Urgent Care.  The diagnoses was a bug bite that caused an extreme reaction in my body. What kind of bug? No one knows....That's a mystery. But I got a shot of steroids in my rump. I despise them & I rarely agree to getting a steroid shot, but I was so desperate I caved. I held D's hand while the nurse gave me the shot & D was yelling in pain since I was about to squeeze his hand off. Haha! They also gave me a prescription for a creme. True to form the steroids have made me feel like crap. After I finally went to sleep, I woke up to find myself sitting up starring at our wedding photo hanging on the wall. I was thinking it was going to fall off & crush Rocco, who was sleeping in his bed on the floor. I tried to go back to sleep, but I was haunted by the thought, so I got up & took the picture down. Today I have had so many hot flashes & feel like I have weights tied to my body. But thankfully the rash is clearing up!


  1. I feel that pain! That is horrible! I'm glad you got the shot. HOpe you are feeling better by now!


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