Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Joran Nightmare

So I had a scary dream last night. I was on a missions trip & staying in a hostile. It was an old hospital building, full of rooms, but everyone slept in one large room on sleeping bags. A tall guy came in the room & put his stuff down & I immediately knew it was Joran Van Der Sloot. I told everyone that was around me that it was him, but no one believed me. So, I decided to put my stuff next to his, to see if I could find out for sure if it were him. We talked casually, but it quickly got freaky when he became obsessed with me. I couldn't go anywhere alone, especially in that building since it was full of rooms & hiding places. He would stare at me from across the room or come, grab me by the arm & whisper very disturbing things in my ear. Thankfully, I woke up before he had a chance to kill me.

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