Sunday, June 27, 2010

FB Status Round-Up


My back is officially out! Flippity flip flip FLIP!!!

I sure love my Honey D. He's off of work today & told me to give him a list of
things to do for me. MaaaWaaahahaha! (rubs hands together)

had a dream last night that Joran Van Der Sloot was obsessed with me.

is checking out the new show Memphis Beat. I'm sorta diggin' it. I like Jason Lee since he named his son Pilot Inspektor.



D just asked me where I want some take out, but I don't know. Any suggestions?

why can't people control their brats in public! sheesh!

just painted my nails glittery turquoise. :)



this chick needs a new purse. Also...crazy to think it's already been an entire year since Michael Jackson passed away.

It was "having underwear issues" today in my family. My bra strap broke, then D just came home & told me he has been wearing his underwear backwards all day! At least my problem could not have been help.

laying across the bed, fan blowing on me, cruising fb & listening to Rocco squeak his toy. D says it's Rocco's "I'm happy my Mom is home" squeak.


on the agenda today...Laundry & giving 'the kids' a bath. If Molly gets wind of this she will go into hiding.

lemonade.....I heart you.

told D the other day we really need to start eating healthy. He does the grocery shopping & comes home with chips, Barber's party dip, Cheetos, ice cream, ect.... Maybe I should have said I want us to start eating junk food. :/

My mind wants to do many things...My body is preventing them.

I'm still doing laundry...There was a mountain of it. I'm catching up on shows from the week & will probably watch Amelia, while D is at a land party.

One of my favorite thinngs to do is watch House Hunters International, especially if they are anywhere in Europe.


missed church this am. :( Now going to the store for the ingredients to make some shrimp etouffee.

cruisin' to a little Summertime by Will Smith...

I think those little sticks of butter are so cute.

can't go wrong with some good ole Al Green...Let's Stay Together...Woooo


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