Monday, June 21, 2010

FB Status Round-Up


This old girl is tired.

Time for part 2 of the Housewives of NYC reunion!!!



After Mom reminding us of how many days are left until Christmas (194), I am now feeling anxious about all the painting I need to get to doing. Boy, I've got some things to do!

is eating a piece of a six layer fudge cake....It is stupendously delicious!



Woke up with a heavy heart & not completely sure why. Lord, whatever it is...It's Yours.

is so happy Publix finally had my Voo Doo Gumbo chips back in stock. I am so thrilled I bought half of them. I am so obsessed, I think they have a spell on me.

is in bed watching Top Chef & then of to Dreamland I go.....



It's gonna be a good day because the Lord is walking with me & I'm rocking my new I Love Lucy shirt!

I'm diving in...About to begin my first episode of Glee. Am I going to become a Gleek?

Me on one side of the house watching the Housewives of NYC reunion & D on the other side watching the Lakers/Celtics games....This makes me happy.

LAKERS WIN!!!!!!! Weeeeee doggies!!!!!!



Is very happy I don't live in LA right now. Those dummies riot if the Lakers win or if they lose!

Just watched "It's Complicated." Love me some Meryl Streep.


thunderstorms at my house = Molly hyperventilating & hiding under the bed, Razzy whining & following me everywhere & Rocco caring less.

Today I did not get out of my PJ's, did not fix my hair, did not leave my bed & did not do anything....And it felt fine. :)

is watching "A Star Is Born" with Judy Garland.

I want some cotton candy.



Happy Father's Day to my Honey D, the best dad our furbabies could have! He's a "Superman" to us!

is on the way to see my Paw. And buddy, my back is not enjoying this bumpy ride to Centerville.

I think we are lost.

we are lost again!!!

we finally made it!

Today's adventures...Got lost, laughed alot, visited with my Paw, road a four-wheeler & saw a very fast black snake.


My back is not doing good today & I'm aggravated since I have tons of things to get done. On top on that I'm having a weepy day. I guess I will watch Law & Order: CI, to brighten my mood. :)



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