Sunday, June 13, 2010

FB Status Round-Up


Gosh.....There are some people that just really annoy me.



Van der Sloot confesses......Wow. Sweet justice will finally prevail.


woke up to the song "Healer" playing in my heart...Nothing is impossible for You. You hold my world in Your hands....


just made Ricky Ricardo's favorite meal for supper...Who can guess what that is?



was having a diva moment, so I ate a Snickers.


What a sweet treat after an aggravating day...I won an I Love Lucy t-shirt from Cathy's Closet! Yay me!



Why is it when you go to bed early, you wake up feeling worse?

Yummmm...Del Toro.

Good gravy!...The internet is down. This does not make Crystal very happy.

is watching The Golden Girls & Darothy's pajamas have shoulder pads! hahaha!



looking forward to Joe's Italian! What's your favorite Italian dish?



Shrek 3 at the drive-in tonight with Mercy! Yay! Except for the hecka hot humidity. Other than that.....Woo Hoo!

if someone tooties their flutey, I gotta shake my booty. ~Donkey

Mercy told me I am "bi-larious." Can someone tell me what this means? hahaha! This worries me. haha!



After church I have a laundry list of things to accomplish...Including laundry!

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