Friday, June 18, 2010

Drive-in With Mercy

Last Saturday we took Mercy to the Drive-in. She had never been before & we were all excited. Well...Mom & Danny had never been to this one, so it was fun to experience it with them. D's back was giving him trouble, but he was determined to go, so he road laying down in the back of Mom's vehicle. We made our "drive-in" food, which is hot dogs wrapped in foil. I hate hot-dogs & will normally only eat them at weenie roasts. But these hot -dogs....Man, are they good! We also stopped by the store on the way & loaded up on other junk food. One of my favorite candy's "Peachy-O's" were a big hit! We happened to pick one of the hottest muggiest nastiest nights we have had this Summer, to watch a movie outside, but we really want to experience this with Mercy. So we suffered. Haha! It got better once the Sun finely went to sleep for the day. We saw Shrek Forever After & loved it!

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