Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Brother 12!!!

It begins on July 8th!!! I can not wait! I gotta order the live feed this week, while they still have the "early bird special" price.

If you are a BB fan, be sure to check out this seasons cast & the house. I am diggin' the new decor this time around.


  1. OMG so excited!!! It's one of my most FAV shows. Can't wait! Not sure about the twist...sound like something they've done before.

  2. Is the Cabanna room a bedroom? It looks like one huge bed (like a cabanna, I guess)...looks like too much work to get onto the bed!!

    I can't wait!!

  3. No...It's just hang room. I know that last year they wouldn't let them sleep in the there at night. And if they were a "have not" they couldn't nap in there.


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