Thursday, May 27, 2010

Razzy's Surgery Day

We have been needing/wanting to get Razzy fixed since he was a pup. We did back & forth for awhile about studding him out, but let's be honest, the last thing this world needs are more puppies. I am a strong believer in spaying & neutering your pets. I honestly get angry when I  hear of someone just letting their pet run wild, having litter after litter. It's very irresponsible. After Razzy went to the vet this past time they recommended he get fixed. So, when a friend of mine who works with the humane society, posted on facebook that they were partnered with some local clinics to offer to fix male dogs for free in the month of May, I contacted her for more info. We never would have taken him if it weren't going to be done at a reputable clinic. Once I found where it would take place, I set up his appointment.

Molly came into D's life after we got married & she immediately attached to him. She seems to love everyone but me. But that is a whole other post. Haha! Razzy is the first puppy D has ever had. And they have a very special bond. So when we took Razzy this morning D was sooo worried. While I filled out paper work, D was tending to Razzy, while Razzy jumped on my leg crying. I'm his Mama...His rescuer. :) They came out really quick to get him, so I picked him up to give him some hugs & just sorta easily slid him into the techs arms with his back to her. So he never knew what happened. As we left, D walked out with his head down & said, "I didn't get to say goodbye to him." Aaaawwweee....

On the way home D was asking how I thought Molly & Rocco were going to respond to us not having Razzy with us. I said I was sure Rocco would have on his party hat. Well....Once we let them out to potty, Rocco came running in, grabbed a squeaky toy & came over to me to play. He does not do this often. And never in the morning. That little booger was celebrating! I tell ya he would do just about anything to be an only child. He is such a mess. Hahaha!

Razzy got to come home earlier than we expected & has been resting as comfortably as a doggy can after having his bits removed.

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