Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Day At The Park

D was off of work on Thursday & I wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens to see all of the roses in bloom. But D had dreamed we went to get a sack full of Krystal's & went to Oak Mountain. Since he doesn't ever remember his dreams, we though we should make this one come true. :)

 My fella over my shoulder. I heart him.

I began my 39th journal while relaxing on a blanket under a shade tree. I had to take an assortment of pens with me since I never know what "pen mood" I will be in.

D isn't in focus on this one, but I love it just the same.

The Smart Water didn't work. :) Really...It had the opposite effect. 
Lil' Lu my beloved Blackberry.

I found this quote & thought it fitting for this photo. "The Roots of a Family Tree begin with the Love of Two Hearts."

D chatting with the mean goose. He would chase all the other geese away when we would give them bread.
I really wanted to hold this little baby so badly!

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