Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our 10th Anniversary

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Today we celebrate 10 yrs of wedded bliss...Bliss?....Hhhmmmmm....The definition of bliss is...Complete happiness. And happiness means...Good fortune, prosperity, a state of well-being and contentment, joy, a pleasurable or satisfying experience. Well, in that case it has been wedded bliss! Now I am not about to paint a picture of D & I skipping through a field of wild flowers as the sun sets, holding hands as to how 10 yrs of marriage has been. But when I look back over the 10 years since we said "I do!"...Yes...It has been complete happiness. Happily content.

The first 5 years of our marriage were full of ministry, moving, jobs & school. These last 5 yrs we have been settled. And that feels good. I do desire some adventure from time to time, but things flowing at a gentle pace are quite alright with me.

No one can ever prepare you for marriage. You can read books, get advice, go to pre-wedding counseling, but you have to live it to learn it.This journey of marriage is not an always easy one, but one I would never wish to not have ventured on. To explore this life without Daniel next to me is one I can not imagine. On this great adventure...No matter where the road takes us, we are beyond blessed. What a treat it is to call Daniel husband. He is my calm force. My rock. My laughter. My heart. My love. My Honey D. :)

I thought that by the 10th anniversary things would look different than they do. But what do I know? Ha! I know the Lord knows best for us...That's what I know. I have a feeling that we are in-store for some sweet surprises in the future. And we look for them with hopeful hearts.

As I was looking for a quote to add to our photo I kept coming back to this one...A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. How true that is! I tear up a bit thinking of the times I have fallen in love with Daniel throughout our marriage. Love is always there, but there are times when my heart has been so flooded with new found love for him it felt it would burst. Then there are those soft whispers of rediscovering it all over again.

A few weeks after we had gotten married. I was laying in bed late one night looking out the window of our studio apartment, as Daniel slept. The sky was too bright from the city lights, so the long line of airplanes flying into LAX were my "stars." I was overcome with an intense love & frightened all at the same time. I realized in that moment that we were truly one. And that I would never escape this overwhelming wonderfully intoxicating love. What a delight to have a lifetime of falling in love over & over again with my Honey D.


  1. A very moving post. I hope you have 100 more years of love, health and happiness!


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