Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Things I'm Diggin'

I am soooo lovin' that Orbit Peach Mint gum! It is now on the top of my list next to Strawberry Mint & Bubblemint. It remind me of a gum I used to chew when I was a kid. We had a specialty store at the mall called Christie Pal's, which sold all things Sanrio...Ya know? Hello Kitty? And they also carried unique candy. There was an apricot gum that came in a tiny red package & it had some kind of Asian writing on it. I wish I could find that gum again. It was delish! I remember savoring every piece & I would never share it, since it was a bit pricey & I didn't get to have any very often.

Have you seen the Spin Pin's by Goody? These little corkscrew pins are super fun to use to pull your hair up!

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