Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GWTW & Scarlett

I feel like the movie Gone With The Wind has always been a part of me. I was so little the first time I saw it, it was just ingrained in who I am. One of my first memories of the movie was the scene of the train depot, where Scarlett goes in search of Dr. Mead, when Melanie is in labor. The camera pans out to show the hundreds of soldiers laying on the ground. I wanted to see more & went up to the TV, turned my head upward & tried to see just how many more soldiers lay outside the screen.

This Christmas Mom gave me the book. I am shocked to say that this "Historical fiction reading chick" has never read GWTW.  Once I opened that book, I was consumed with it. I used to be someone who would read a book as quickly as possible to get to the end. I am no longer that way. I now try to savor the story, not wanting to come to the last page. I hate for books to end now.

***If you don't want to know more about the book stop reading here***

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Scarlett's parents & how they met. I wanted to know so much more about them. I wish that there had been a GWTW prequel.

I was amazed at the other characters in the book, that never made it to the film. I know it was a 4 hr film, but some of these people played major roles. Sure there were liberties taken to make the story work, but still some of these characters should have been in the film.

Honey Wilkes – another sister of India and Ashley. Originally hoped to marry Charles Hamilton until Scarlett marries him; following the war, she marries a man from Mississippi, and moves to his home state with him.
Dilcey – Pork's wife, a strong, outspoken slave woman of mixed Indian and Black decent, Prissy's mother.
Uncle Peter – Aunt Pittypat's houseman and driver, he is extremely loyal to Pittypat.
Will Benteen – Confederate soldier who seeks refuge at Tara and stays on to help with the plantation, in love with Carreen but marries Suellen to stay on Tara, and repair her reputation. He is portrayed as very perceptive and lost half of his leg in the war.
Archie – an ex-convict and former Confederate soldier who is taken in by Melanie. Has a strong disliking for all women, especially Scarlett. The only woman he respects is Melanie.
Wade Hampton Hamilton - Scarlett's son with Charles Hamilton
Ella Lorena Kennedy -  Scarlett's daughter with Frank Kennedy

You read that right...Scarlett had 2 other children with the her former husbands. I got angry with her alot because she really mistreated Wade & basically had no love for Ella.
I loved this book & it is now on my list of favorites! If you consider yourself a GWTW fan, you have got to read it! Once I finished reading it I watched the movie again. It was like watching the movie with blinders off. A whole new experience for someone who can recite the lines.

Once I finished with GWTW I was not ready for the life of Scarlett to end. I have owned the book "Scarlett" for years, I even tried to sell it in a yard sale. But I ended up saving it from being donated. I remember when the book came out in 1991 (I was 14 at the time) & the reviews it got.  I thought I would never read the book, since it would never stand up to GWTW. But I gave in & it was pretty good. I liked seeing how Scarlett's life played out at least for a few more years. And if she would ever end up with Rhett or not. I would have wished the story to have been written by Margaret Mitchell. These were her characters & only she knows where they should have ended up. I personally don't think she would have stayed in Ireland. So there were parts I just couldn't wrap by brain around. But it was a good read none the less.

I also remember the Scarlett mini-series & the backlash it garnered at the time for not being like that book. But I still wanted to see it. I got it from Netflix. Now I know what all the frustration was toward that mini-series. It was nothing like the book!!! I mean.....NOTHING! I hated it. The movie was vulgar. I will not go into it, but I know I will never watch it again. I was hoping it would be a film I would want to own & watch over & over again. It is so not the case.

I have yet to read it but I will have to get Rhett Butler's People. It is the same time line as GWTW but from Rhett's prospective.


  1. I have read the first two, GWTW and Scarlett, but did not even know the one about Rhett was out. I am going to have to get it and read it. I too loved GWTW.

  2. I've never read the book but I will now! Gracias for the heads up on a good read~

  3. I LOVED this post...a true tribute to Gone with the Wind. I am a HUGE fan of the books and also the movie. I did not; however, know there was a book about Rhett and will be on the hunt to find it now. I, too, was sad that Scarlett was not written by the original author and also wondered why Scarlett's other children were not included in the movie...I mean, it was already 4 hours, why not add another 30min-1hr?! Anyway, I am the only in my family with a love for the both the books and the movie...my husband abhores it and it was nice to see another fan of this wonderful story...no matter how bitter sweet.


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