Friday, May 28, 2010

FB Status Round-Up

D just called me from Walmart & is lost in all of the re-modeling, so he is using his GPS to find his way around the place.


FB is messing with settings again. Your status updates may be set to "Only Me" & no one else can see it. Go to your profile & under the "What's on your mind?" there is a little lock. Click it & set it to the preference of your choice. I mean, what's the point of an FB status that only you can see? Strange. So, if no on...e is commenting this may be why. And you may have to set it each time. :)


My status from 4
hrs ago that no one could see....I didn't watch "So You Think You Can
Dance" last season, except for the auditions. I think I'll give it a go
this time around, since they are changing things up. Plus I heart Mia



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  1. GPS in Walmart? Haaaa!! Too funny.

    I have also noticed that F/B decides whos status' you can see, too. Hmmm.


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