Thursday, May 20, 2010

FB Status Round-Up

My sweet friend Sarah deleted her facebook account & said she misses my status updates, so I figured I would do a status round up at the end of the day or whenever there is a small collection of them. Some days I am a posting freak, while others not so much. I think Denise may like seeing them also. :) So here we go.....

"Speech is silver; silence is golden." Is silence really golden? I think sometimes it is more damaging.

is making homemade french fries...Sooooo good!

To friend? To de-friend? Have you ever denied a facebook friend or de-friended someone, to find out later it caused hurt feelings?

Let me know if you like seeing my status updates on Pink Lucy.


  1. Yes it would be good to see your status update at FB just that I am not able to log on FB at work as it was banned.

    Yep, I do deny 'friends' from FB as I am not sure who they are...:)

  2. Thanks, Crystal! How did your fries turn out?

  3. Interesting. homemade fries!! Sometimes you just have to de-friend, hurt feelings or not. Nut not ME of course - lol!


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