Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy Saturday

Saturday was a busy day. I started the morning off by taking D to work & then going to see Mercy's dance recital. Here are the videos I took.

After I picked D up from work we rushed home, made some hotdogs, packed up other goodies, stopped by Sonic for some Route 44's & went to the drive-in to see Iron Man 2. It was the perfect night for enjoying time outside under the stars. Speaking of stars I saw a shooting one! The air was thick with honeysuckle & a couple of mosquitoes. They only bothered D. Mom says I'm too mean for them to bother me. They like sweet people. :)


  1. That is exactly why the mosquitoes eat me up.....because I'm sooooooo SWEET!!!

  2. there is no sound on your videos. Or is it just me?

    so I deleted my facebook. I just wanted to let you know I am missing your status updates. :(

  3. I went to youtube & the audio was disabled since there was copyright infringement. Oh well. :(
    If you still had fb you could watch them on there with sound. Haha!

    Do you want me to start putting my status updates on my blog for you? I will.

  4. Crystal! How sweet are you! You don't have to do that for me!

  5. How precious is that video of Keith and Mercy!!!!!!


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