Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anniversary Photos

Every year that we have lived here in Alabama on our anniversary we have gotten our photo taken in front of this tree. This tree came from a clipping of one my Granny had. Mom planted it years ago & this gorgeous tree grew. It's a special tree for sure. I need to get a clipping for my yard too.
These other photos are in front of the massive rose bushes at the end on my driveway. I get so thrilled when it begins to bloom. One of the best things in my yard.


  1. I wish that tree/bush would stay bloomed for the summer.It's beautiful right now.

  2. Dear God, See that beautiful couple in this picture? These are the 'kids' I talk to you about at least 3 times a week - more than that sometimes. Look at them. It makes me giggle that they don't seem to have a clue of all the blessings that You will bestow upon them. Crystal and I are only blog/facebook friends and as you know we've never even met but I've asked You to change that this year. And that other thing I've asked you about this year concerning them - You know - well, I am asking you Father to not keep them waiting too much longer. I know that everything is in Your time, but God, you know we're only human and patience is not one of the things you gave us that 'stuck' with us very well. So, once again, as I look at the picture of these two smiling people I am asking you to grant their hearts desire and I am thanking you in advance, Lord for the blessing(s) I KNOW you will bring into their life!

  3. Love both your radiant smile folks...keep smiling :D


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