Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where Did This Week Go?

Boy, this week has been a blur. Monday, with Razzy at the vet most of the day & then Mom having surgery on Tuesday, which was an adventure. We had to be at the hospital at 10am. They took her back for prep close to 11am, but she didn't have surgery until 5:30! I felt so bad for her since she wasn't able to eat or drink. She was finally in her room around 8 & I didn't leave the hospital until midnight. I slept all day on Wednesday & stayed at the hospital the whole night, until I had to get back home so D could have the car for work at 5:30am. And I have done the same thing today. So, here I sit in the dark hospital room, while Mom seems to finally be getting some real rest since she has been here. We are not sure if she will be going home on Friday or not. I may be back here again with her tomorrow night. She is doing pretty good. Her nurse tonight remarked that she has never had a patient who has had a knee replacement wanting to get a shower on the 3rd day. And that is exactly what Mom did this evening. It looks like her recovery is going to go well.

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  1. I finally have a week at home and you are busy all over the place! Go figure! Anyway-I'm glad your mom is doing good. I hope she comes home and feels good. I know you will be helping her- so bless you in advance! :-) Did the polka dots go away from Razz? Eli has them now! Not sure what he's allergic to...


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