Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thoughts & Feelings

I have posted on here about how some of the dreams, I dream actually come true. And that sometimes it scares me, since I have foreseen death & tragedy. Well...It's not just dreams, it's other random stuff. I can see someone & have a thought about them,. The thought can be about anything really. It's normally a passing thought & not something I really dwell on. Nor do I think about it long enough to share this thought with anyone. But later on when something in their life comes true, I flash back to that thought I had previously. It's a confirmation of what I thought. I can almost always tell when someone is about to announce a pregnancy. I will get this feeling weeks or months before they are even pregnant & my feelings have never failed. I have these thoughts about peoples marriages & sure enough...I find out they are having marriage problems. I don't choose people to have "thoughts" about. It honestly is random, people I am close too & others I do not know personally. Tonight a very odd thought of mine came true....A couple weeks ago I had the local news on. I wasn't paying too much attention, but I looked up & when I saw the reporter I thought, "That guy is being shady. He is involved in something illegal." There was no real reason for thinking that. I don't know much about this guy, other than that he anchors the weekend news & wears a fedora when reporting outside in the Winter. It had not crossed my mind again, until tonight. I had not been online all day, since I was busy at Mom's. I had just gotten home & was laying on the floor playing with Razzy & Rocco. When D started reading a news report from the computer. It said that one of the local news reporters had just been arrested in a known drug area of the city with crack-cocaine & a crack pipe. I sat up & told D all about the "thought" I had had. It really freaks me out!
I'm not blogging about this as a prideful thing at all. I'm not saying I see the future or I may know someones drama & secrets.  I don't seek it out either. I don't feel this it just something I should take lightly in the sense that is it probably a God thing & I need to do some praying on what to do with it.


  1. I could've written most of this post myself. It scares me sometimes how much I know in advance about people, things, situations, etc.

  2. Okay Donna and Crystal, If you ever have a thought about me dying, etc - I do NOT want to know. I repeat - do NOT tell me of my impending doom. (ha!)

    Seriously though, I believe you and yes, it's definitely from God. Just pray about it and ask how you are supposed to 'use' this. That's really all you can do, otherwise, it might drive you crazy.

  3. I definitely think it is a God thing. I don't have the dreams part, but I have a strong gift of discernment. I can meet someone and tell David "something weird going on" or "he is up to something." He always thinks i am crazy, until he finds out I was right all along!

  4. I think its neat :) But I'm with Kathie (WE AGREE! HAHAHAH!) I don't want to know if its something bad. We have a way of playing into things and I'd hate to have to carry out something just b/c you dreamed about it ;)

  5. Donna~ I am also the same way when it comes to things, situations, ect.....

    Kathie~ I want tell you what I dreamed about you then.... ;)

    Jessica~ Discernment was the word I was wanting to use last night but was sooo tired my brain wasn't working. I just wanted to post this while it was fresh on my mind. I do the same thing to D. When we were first married, he didn't know what to think about it. Now, he is used to it.

    Nicole~Hahahaha! You crack me up!

  6. It is a God thing and totally Scriptural!


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