Sunday, April 18, 2010

Old Friend Found

I just love Facebook...I think I have mentioned that before. If you are not on facebook, you are missing out. I have found old friends, a long lost someone (insert a big smile) & distant family members. Plus reconnected with people, while discovering others that I have known for ages & forming real friendships. Not long ago, I found my very first BFF! Both of our mom's went to school together. Her Mom was embraced as a daughter by my Granny & Paw, so when we were born 6 months apart, we were like cousins. We were a bit inseparable for our probably the first 5 yrs of our lives. Of course we grew up & throughout the years completely lost touch. It was probably 10 yrs since I had last talk to her on the phone. I finally found her on facebook & we have chatted & talked about getting together, just haven't done so, until....Mom had surgery & Amy was her nurse for one of the nights! I loved getting to see her & hope we can rekindle our friendship.

Here we are...Mom insisted on a photo. I'm not looking my best, a week of not much rest will do that to ya!
And this was our first day of K-4, which we both cried the entire time. :)

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