Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anniversary Ideas

When D & I got married close to 10 yrs ago, we were wide eyed & bushy tailed. We had in our minds the way our life together would look 10 yrs down the road & how we would celebrate this great milestone. Throughout the years several things have been mentioned.

One thing we thought about is we would go to Disney World since we honeymooned at Disneyland.

Then there was renewing our vows. Since we got married in LA, the only family I had at our wedding was Mom.  We thought it would be fun to have a small wedding/party. I always wanted a retro inspired wedding. And I could wear something like this...

Or we could go back to the very spot we got married. On the beach in Torrance, California...

 There is also the idea of getting new rings. I really want a pink sapphire wedding ring. I mean...Reeaalllyyyyy want one.

Now that our 10th Anniversary is less than 2 weeks away, it's sooo odd to think we are not at all where we thought we would be at this point. And these 4 "dreams" are not going to be fulfilled. We actually have no clue what we will do to celebrate! I want to do something special to commemorate this huge day! But D will be working on the actual day & funds are tight at the moment.

And suggestions???


  1. Go ahead and renew those vows!!!! Who needs Disneyland, Disneyworld or Disney Scnisney anyone? Who says you can't go down to the local grocer and buy a pretty cake, set up some chairs in the yard, park, Mom's house, etc, decorate on a budget and walk down the aisle.Invite your friends. Really. Just do it. Mr. T and I get re-married every 10 years. Just think about it and use your imagination.

  2. Crystal its not the places you go its the time you spend together.



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