Tuesday, October 16, 2007


A locket is something I have always wanted. The idea of carrying a picture of the person I love around my neck & close to my heart, just seems so sweet & romantic. In movies, gold lockets are always portrayed as a keepsake, something that is cherished & passed down to future generations. I guess that is what made me long for one. When the opportunity came up for me to get one, I was super happy & I could not wait to get it.

Once my silver locket came, all engraved, with the picture of D & I on our 6th anniversary, I was elated! I immediately found a necklace to put it on & have pretty much wore it since. When I'm wearing it, I often find myself, clutching the locket & thinking of my "love." It seems to mean more to me, than I ever thought it would.

I got one of my favorite scriptures engraved on the back.

This is the picture I used.


  1. That's a nice picture of the two of you. What a lovely locket. I bet it looks great on you.

  2. Hey I was reading your blog. I love it by the way. I was wondering where did you get your locket from. It looks awesome, and I think that is incredly sweet.


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